Video Assistance

Video problems are probably the most complex issue to assist with. From personal computer settings, software adjustments and bugs, finding and diagnosing Video issues can be a real challenge. Below we have put together some common and useful tips to assist you with finding and correcting video problems.

Your videos will not play!

First, just like your ISP would request if you called them with issues, we ask that you restart your computer AND reboot your Internet. Often, this can clear up loading issues or major video lag problems.

Why do I get sent to an upgrade page when I try to watch a video?

This is because you are not a monthly subscriber, you have purchased a trial membership. Trial memberships do not allow the viewing of videos. However, it allows you to look at the image sets that accompany the video to preview everything before you purchase a monthly membership.

What software is needed to view your videos?

All of our videos can be viewed through the most current Windows Media Player. By visiting the Windows Update Center you can be sure to have the most recent Windows Media Player and other updates which may correct software related Video issues.

If you continue to experience issues with Windows Media Player, please download VLC Media Player.

For MAC users, all our videos can be played on QuickTime. For best results please make sure you have the most recent version installed.

Still not loading, now what?

Make sure you don't have a Virus or some type of Spyware infecting your machine. AVG Offers a great Free Anti-Virus product and Spybot Search and Destroy is great for any spyware/muckware issues.

If you haven't already done so, try re-installing your Windows Media Player. This can sometimes correct driver and codex issues along with possible file ownership problems.

If all else fails, contact us and we will try to help work through the problems with you.

How do I download Movies?

PC: Once you've logged into the site click on the desired scene thumbnail sample. Once you are viewing the scene in question, your download options are below the streaming video, and to the left. You can then right click on the desired download button and select 'Save as' or 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'.

MAC: HOLD down the "CONTROL" button (bottom left corner of a MAC keyboard) while clicking your mouse on the link. A menu comes up, and you select "save link as..." from that menu, a dialog box pops up that lets you either rename or save the file as it's already named.

Please note that not all models have downloadable clips available and downloadable content is only available for monthly memberships. Limited Trial members are only given access to image sets.

The video stutters or buffers excessively while trying to play.

Answer 1: Some of our Movies, are very large full-length movies. If you are not able to stream the video then we recommend you download the video to your Computer.

Answer 2: You can increase the Buffer time for Windows Media Player. This may make the video load slower/buffer more at first but it will ensure a continuous playback of the video/movie.

Personal Computers:
  • Open Windows Media Player, then click Tools located on the Media Player toolbar.
  • Select the Options from the dropdown, then click the Performance tab.
  • Select Buffer then increase the time to 15-30 seconds or higher.
  • Click Apply, then OK, then close and restart Windows Media Player.

MAC Computers:
  • Open Windows Media Player, then click Preferences.
  • Select Network Settings then Buffer and increase the buffer time to 15-30 seconds or higher.
  • Click OK, then close and restart Windows Media Player.

More Windows Media Player Help:

Types of Movies and Speeds:

  • WMV: The WMV file is a streaming format for those of you who prefer this option. It requires little to average bandwidth to watch it. Make sure you left click the file and let it connect and buffer. Until the file is fully buffered, you will not be able to scan through the video. The length of the buffer speed is entirely contingent upon the speed of your connection and the memory your PC has.
  • LOW WMV: Choose this video if your modem speed is very slow. (14k through a slow 56k modem) This would be a dial up connection, a program you have to start to get on the Internet.
  • MEDIUM WMV: If you are on a strong 56k modem or a higher connection then this is a great video to watch. Even slower connections can watch this video it will just take more time to download.
  • HIGH WMV: This is a large screen video as well but at very good video compression. These videos can be DVD quality and can be used with most Home based DSL / Cable Internet Providers.
  • 640X480 WMV: These videos can range from 800-2000 bit rate and range from DVD to High-Def quality. Often these movies need a rather strong Internet connection to stream smoothly.

You can use Bandwidth Speed Test to help get an idea at how fast your Internet connection is. For instance my speed is 7.6 megabits per second. That is on the higher side of average.

Windows Media Player is required to view our videos. Download the latest version of Windows Media Player, or download Windows Media Codec.

MAC USERS: We recommend you Download Windows Media Player for MAC!

Still having playing our videos? Then please Contact Our Support Staff for direct one on one help.